Monto Tour 2008



After clearing Calliope yard the tour train is heading south just out of town for a cross with a loaded limestone train waiting in Cement Australia siding. This siding was constructed near Taragoola to load longer wagon sets for traffic to the Cement Australia processing plant on the Fisherman's Landing branch line. 10.21 20/05/08


The train crossing the bridge on the northern approach to Kalpowar, the train had a brief stop here to let off school kids who boarded the train in further back in the Boyne Valley. 15.41


Just south of Kalpowar and the train continues on towards Monto with the hard yards behind it. Bruce and I were the only ones at this location with many of the photographers preferring the numerous level crossings. Bruce is a class act and many rail fans could take a page out of his book. 15.51

Here are some more excelent photos of this trip.